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  • Date of publication: 11 December 2020
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  • How profitable is it to sell a business idea?

    Market specialists distinguish two types of business idea sales, depending on the degree and level of their initial development. For example...

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Sale of business ideas as a concept

This method provides for the sale of an idea at a relatively early stage of its origin, when its author (the owner of the rights to use it) for some reason does not intend to develop an in-depth proposal, but is nevertheless determined to derive a tangible material benefit from it. To achieve this, you will first have to create a sufficiently detailed description of your business idea, emphasizing its advantages and prospects. In addition to a sufficiently comprehensive description of the essence of the issue and the basic principles of the future business process, this document should contain a serious analysis of all the positive aspects of the project and possible risks in its implementation. After drawing up a detailed description of the project, you can take the creation of a vivid presentation of a business idea, in which you can try to focus the attention of the future serious audience (experts, investors, etc.) on its exceptional (exclusive) properties and opportunities that its implementation opens at the initial stages of its implementation. At the same time, it is worth emphasizing the main points related to the possibility of rapid business expansion and options for reducing start-up costs (without prejudice to the start-up and development of the enterprise).

Sale of business idea as a ready product

This type of sale of business ideas can bring you much more income, although beforehand you will have to work hard enough on the implementation of the business idea, at least in general terms. However, with a competent approach to business, all initial investments will more than pay off. Prepare a few samples of your future products (if you intend to organize a production business) or a detailed description of the complex of services, preferably with the possibility of public demonstration, if the company belongs to the service industry. Carefully calculate the cost of each unit of production (position in the list of services offered), with a detailed description of the full range of benefits that distinguish you from all that already exists on the market. Even before you start searching for buyers, try to protect the fruits of your labor with a patent or a trademark.