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Limited Liability Partnership ALTAISVYAZSTROY

Kazakhstan, East Kazakhstan Region, Oskemen - view exact location

Financial information

Payback period: On request

Gross Revenue: On request

Profit: On request

Cash flow: On request

Business information

Form of Ownership: Private ownership

Business status: Operating business

Terms of alienation: Simple sale

Number of staff: On request

Lifetime period: On request


License number 016429
Subtype (s) of the licensed type of activity:
Construction of roads and railways, including major repairs and
reconstruction, including:
Bases and coatings, protective structures and arrangement of highways III, IV and V
technical category, as well as the carriageway of streets of settlements that are not
Foundations and coatings, protective structures and arrangement of highways I and II
technical category, as well as intracity highways of high-speed and regulated
traffic, the carriageway of main streets of city-wide significance, continuous and
controlled traffic
-Installation of technological equipment, commissioning related to:
Communication, emergency protection, control and signaling system, blocking on transport,
electricity and water supply facilities, other life support facilities, as well as devices
accounting and control of industrial purposes
Installation of engineering networks and systems, including overhaul and reconstruction, including
Power supply networks and outdoor electric lighting devices, internal systems
electric lighting and electric heating
Networks of cold and hot water supply, heat supply, centralized sewerage
household, industrial and storm drains, devices of internal water supply systems,
heating and sewerage
-Special works in soil, including:
-Structure bases
Construction of load-bearing and (or) enclosing structures of buildings and structures (including bridges,
transport overpasses, tunnels and overpasses, other artificial structures), including
major overhaul and reconstruction of facilities, including:
Installation of monolithic, as well as installation of prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structures, masonry
piece elements of walls and partitions and filling of openings
-Installation of metal structures