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Why sell a business?

Everyone has their own reasons for selling a business. Someone is tired of doing business, so sells a business to become an investor. Invest money, live on interest and rest, doing nothing.

Others have the desire to sell one business, and buy another.

Still others are able to create a business from scratch, and develop further is not particularly obtained, it is very profitable to create companies, companies, then sell them and start building a new business. Which is also a kind of business.

Selling a business is like selling a car - everyone has their own reasons for this. Our portal is the number one assistant in the sale of business.

How to sell a business?

At first glance, there is nothing difficult in selling your own business. But this at first glance. After all, if you have never sold a business before, then accordingly you do not know how the future owner will check your business.


You never sold, but the buyer never bought a business. Here the transaction can be easy, and maybe difficult. Easy process of sale - have made the contract, have signed, have transferred money and documents.

The average level of complexity - is when one of the parties - the sale / purchase of business the first transaction, and the second party the second and more. Then the experienced side will ask questions, demand the relevant documents.

The most difficult process of selling a business is when, both the buyer and the seller are experienced in this business. Then both sides of each other will look for pitfalls to somehow affect the value. After all, one needs to be raised, and the other to be omitted.

Help of specialists

If you are a business seller, our portal for selling and buying business will be very useful for you. It does not matter the first time you sell a business or not. Experts of any direction in the field of business, from auditors and accountants, to lawyers and appraisers are registered on our portal. They will help you prepare the necessary documents. Will assess the value of your business and your assets. Point out the weak points of your business. They will tell you what you need to do to make the value of your business grow.

Advantages of selling a business on our portal:

  1. Your ad will see a large number of potential buyers;
  2. Opportunity to increase the cost by attracting feedback from your partners and customers;
  3. You can attract independent experts from our portal, whose recommendations will also raise the rating of your business.


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Я купил небольшой СТО, в штате всего пять человек, но он работает. Я очень благодарен вам.
Артем Михайлович
Ich habe meinen Laden verkauft, als ich ins Ausland ging. Der Käufer wurde überraschend schnell gefunden und die Transaktion verlief relativ reibungslos.
Я не знаю, как вы решили создать такой сайт, но я очень рад работать с вами. Большое спасибо.

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