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Listing Promotion Services

HOT - Listing

Listings on the site are displayed by the date they were posted.
This means that as new publications are published, your post will
go down lower and lower in search results. With the help of the service
Hot-Listing”, your publication again rises to the top positions
in the list, as if you published it a moment ago!
  • Raise your Listing to the top of the list
  • Highlight Listing with “Hot” label

1 month 5 $

TOP - Listing

TOP-Listings are placed in a special block in the main sections
of the site. All TOP-Listings are also available in the lists
of Listings marked “TOP”, so you can be sure that your offer
will find its buyer.
  • The special block with TOP-Listings is visible in all categories of the selected section (Business, Investments, etc.)
  • Listings in the lists stand out as an eye-catching red

1 month 20 $

VIP - Listing

If you want to place Listing on the most
prestigious place and receive the
greatest feedback, then the “VIP-Listing” is the
service you need. This is the best way to
speed up the process of selling or buying,
because your Listing will be placed on the main page !
  • The most clickable spot on the home page!
  • The most attractive design of the offer in a convenient slider

1 month 10 $

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