Terms and conditions of use of the site businessbuysale.com

Terms and conditions of liability limitation

1. When registering on this site, the User agrees with the Terms and Conditions of submission / placement of ads on the site businessbuysale.com, hereinafter referred to as the "Terms", and assumes the rights, duties and responsibilities indicated therein related to the use of the site.

2. Advertisements posted by the User on the site must comply with the requirements of the current legislation.

3. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User hereby confirms that he is solely responsible for the content of the ads that they are submitted / posted on the site, the accuracy of the information contained in such advertisements, for compliance with the requirements of applicable laws, for violating the rights of third parties in connection with placement of ads.

4. The administration of the site does not bear any obligations to ensure confidentiality with respect to the information that the User indicated in the announcement, including the User's personal data, which the User specified in the announcement. By posting ads on the site, the User confirms that all information (including confidential and / or personal information about the User) that he specifies in such an announcement in such a case is not confidential / personal, filed to the general notice of the public and its representatives may to access such information / announcement from any place and at any time.

5. Under no circumstances shall the Site Administration be liable for damages, losses or expenses incurred in connection with this website, its use or inability to use it.

6. The site administration reserves the right, without warning, to change information on this site, to edit text / information or to delete ads, if they violate current legislation, ethical and moral standards, etc.

General rules

1. The responsibility for the reliability of the information contained in the announcements is borne by those who submit.

2. Ads are accepted for publication, with all required fields filled in, which are marked with the *.
3. It is not allowed to publish ads that are not related to the subject of the site: Buying / selling a business, Buying / selling commercial real estate, Buying / selling machinery and equipment, Franchise buy / sell.

4. Contact information should be listed in the fields provided for, and not in the title or description text.

5. It is not allowed to duplicate ads before the expiration of the previous announcement.

6. Announcements should be placed in relevant sections.

7. It is forbidden to use obscene words in texts.
8. It is forbidden to use HTML tags.

When placing an ad, please remember that:

1. The ad should contain as much detailed information about the object that you are selling, and its real value.

2. The photo that shows the object offered by you must match the text of the ad. The photo should only show the proposed object. The photo must not contain a logo, brand, company name or any other advertising information, as well as contact information: telephone, e-mail, etc.

3. Only 1 object of sale / purchase, allowed in each ad. If you have a large number of offers / demands - please post them in separate ads. In the event that more than 1 offer of purchase / sale will be listed in one ad, etc., the ad will not be allowed to be published.

4. The site administration reserves the right to remove ads, if they do not correspond to the topic of the selected section, or do not comply with the rules for publishing ads on the site.

To the publication on our site are not accepted ads containing:

1. non-normative vocabulary, as well as offensive language, incl. racist and religious persuasion;

2. pornography, incl. pornographic pictures;

3. Fraud, extortion;

4. calls for violence and illegal actions;

5. discrimination based on national, racial, religious, sexual and other grounds;

6. advertisements whose content violates the generally accepted norms of morality and morality are not allowed to be published;

Access to personal information of users

1. All information contained in the advertisements submitted to the site is public, except for the password for access to the personal section of the user and the information contained in this section.

2. The user's access to changing the information contained in the announcements is made only on the basis of the unique login and password chosen by the user at Registration.

3. The User is responsible for the safety of the password.


To achieve maximum efficiency, remember that in addition to free, there are also paid options for placing ads: color allocation, placement in the top 5, slider photo ads on the main page, promotion of your ads by our experts on other Internet resources.

Ads go down the list, depending on how many new ones appeared on it.

On each page, ads are sorted as follows: first they are paid, then free.

More details about this can be found in the section "Services".

The rules and terms of submission / placement of ads on the site businessbuysale.com can be changed, supplemented or amended and come into effect from the moment of publication on the site.