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Listings ranking in search results

What is "Ranking"?

Ranking - sorting ads in the appropriate sections.


The logic for Listings ranking on

Listings in the SERP are conditionally divided into 3 blocks TOP-Listings, Paid Listings, Free Listings. Within one block, Listings with a service are urgently placed above Listings without this service. By default, within blocks, Listings are ranked in the order they are added to the site. New Listings are displayed first

Schematically, the ranking of Listings can be displayed as follows:


1) TOP ads + "Urgent" service

2) TOP ads

3) Paid ads + "Urgent" service

4) Sponsored Ads

5) Free ads + "Urgent" service

6) Free classifieds


You can read more about other advantages of promoting an ad here.

When using ad sorting by price, or using various filters, the ranking logic is preserved.

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