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  • Date of publication: 31 August 2020
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  • Billionaire Igor Rybakov and partners are investing in start-ups $ 100 million


    Venture fund Larix has already invested $ 25 million in a network of coworking centers in Moscow, the German car leasing service and other projects

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Venture fund Larix has already invested $ 25 million in a network of coworking centers in Moscow, the German car leasing service and other projects


Venture fund Larix co-owner of the corporation "Technonikol" Igor Rybakova  and investor Oscar Hartmann invested € 3 million in the company "Tnomer", having received in it a share of 33%. This was reported by Forbes representative Rybakova.

"Tnomer" is an online platform (and also the same name channel on YouTube) which brings teams doing repairs with end-users. The platform takes the certification of the masters working with the platform, the calculation of the final estimate and the terms of repair and further control over its execution.

"Tnomer" is an ambitious task, an attempt to create a digital ecosystem in a specific and "closed" branch of construction and repair in a trend of sharing economy, "Igor Rybakov commented on the Forbes deal.

The Larix Foundation was created by Rybakov and Hartmann in 2017 to invest in platform solutions. "The future for platform solutions, marketplaces," Rybakov is sure. "Today it is difficult for the end user to choose from a huge number of different competing services, it is more convenient for him when everything is in one place and he has the opportunity to choose exactly what he needs."

The fund is ready to invest in start-ups from $ 100,000 to $ 10 million in the stages of pre-seed, seed and in round A. Now the fund's volume is $ 100 million. Rybakov and Hartman are the founders, but not the only investors of Larix. Their financing accounts for about 20% of the fund. In the future, its volume is planned to increase to $ 500 million due to attraction of new investors, entry threshold - $ 1 million, target profitability of Larix - 30-40% per annum.

With whom negotiations are currently under way and the komits have already been signed, it is not disclosed. At least one co-investor of the fund is known - it's Nikolai Katorzhnov, partner of the head of the Moscow Credit Bank Roman Avdeev F 66 and head of the investment company Otkritie Capital (in February, renamed Sova Capital), bought last year by Avdeyev from Otkryt Holding. Kotorzhnov, together with Rybakov and Hartmann in the fall of 2017, invested 150 million rubles in the Moscow network of coworking centers "Klyuch", receiving 30% of it.

Larix already has other investments - including not in Russia. The Fund has already invested $ 25 million in such projects as the delivery service of (Germany), CarFix (Russia) auto repair service, Mercedes-Benz leasing service (Germany), Everoad logistic platform (France), SellAnyHome real estate site (UAE) ) and the carnery project of Carnextdoor (Australia).