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  • Date of publication: 31 August 2020
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  • Startup Vuzix has developed AR-glasses with voice assistant from Amazon


    New York startup Vuzix created "smart" glasses augmented reality with support for voice assistant Alexa from Amazon. They will be presented at CES 2018, Bloomberg reports .

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General Director of Vuzix Paul Traverse told the publication that the user will be able to "talk" with Alexa - for example, ask to show the most convenient route or result of a sports match. All visual information will be displayed on the glasses glasses.

The launch of mass production of $ 1000 points is planned for the second quarter of 2018. According to Traverse, he thinks the price is too high and hopes to reduce it to $ 500 by 2019. In Amazon confirmed that the device from Vuzix will be the first AR-glasses with support for Alexa, and noted that the company "is delighted with the potential of glasses."

Bloomberg notes that such products usually create units of IT giants. At the same time, Vuzix is ​​a small company with 75 employees.

In November, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on creating an AR-headset with its own operating system. It allegedly will work on an Apple-built microchip, which will play streaming 3D video, consuming less energy. The company expects to develop the technology by 2019 and already in 2020 to begin deliveries of devices.