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  • Date of publication: 31 August 2020
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  • Apple tightened the publishing rules for crypto applications in the App Store


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With another recent publication of the project , we found that Apple had made changes to the application moderation guide , adding to it 3.1.5 (b) Cryptocurrencies . Under this item, it is allowed to publish applications that translate an approved list of currencies (for example, Bitcoin, DogeCoin) if the application data does not violate the laws of the countries in which they are published. If the application promotes ICO, trading in crypto-futures or crypto securities (or quasi-c / b), it should be published by official banks, CB firms, futures traders (FCMs) or other approved financial institutions.

Despite the fact that this item can be freely interpreted (and while we could not find the list of approved currencies), it will undoubtedly affect most App Store crypt projects based on working with currencies and releasing tokens, closing the doors before new and interesting ones projects.