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  • Date of publication: 31 August 2020
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  • China began to issue long-term visas to highly qualified specialists and entrepreneurs


    Since January 1, 2018, Chinese authorities have issued long-term visas to attract highly qualified foreigners - entrepreneurs, scientists, specialists in the field of new technologies. This is reported by the BBC.

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Such visas, the agency reports referring to the Chinese media, give the right to enter the country for 180 days unlimited number of times. They are issued for a period of five to ten years. Foreign citizens who have received a visa will be able to bring with them family members - spouses and children.

BBC clarifies that the category of "highly qualified foreign talent" also includes Nobel Prize winners, successful Olympians, heads of "world-renowned music universities and universities of arts", as well as large financial organizations. Chinese authorities expect to attract about 50,000 specialists.

Apply for a new visa is free of charge through the Internet. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs promises to process applications as soon as possible.

Tass passes the words of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Gen Shuan, who believes that optimizing the visa regime will help attract foreign professionals: "As a result, more and more foreigners will take part in the state-building process of the People's Republic of China - this will stimulate the all-round development of Chinese innovation."

To reduce the flow of low-skilled migrants, in 2016, China introduced a point-based system for issuing work visas.