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  • Date of publication: 31 August 2020
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  • A company from California bought an abandoned Intel complex for mining


    The purchase cost the Californian company $ 13 million

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The purchase cost the Californian company $ 13 million


The company 3G Venture II from California acquired for $ 13 million a huge abandoned complex of Intel in the Garden of the Gods Road in Colorado, where previously the chips were produced.

The owner of 3G Venture II, John Chen from Los Angeles, reported on his plans to use the acquired object for mining bitcoin.

The deal included 30 hectares of a total area and more than 700 thousand square feet in several buildings. It is assumed that the crypto currency will be mined in three buildings with a total area of ​​about 85 thousand square meters. pounds. The remaining premises are planned to be leased to other miners.

The substation and two independent power supplies are also located on the territory of the complex.

The area where the abandoned Intel complex is located is known for its low energy prices. It is this fact that for a long time attracted many companies considering the possibility of starting their activities there. In particular, there was talk about the creation of data centers.